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At Sunshine Academy we give our kids the best of food.  Fresh, organic meals are cooked at our center so they can grow healthy and strong. 


Our menu is developed based on all the requirements they need according to their age.  We use recipes that help our kids grow.  Our menu can be described as "brain food for kids". 


Why do we take nutrition serious?


Before birth and for the first eight years after birth, children's bodies develop at a rapid pace.  Children's brain cells develop thousands of connections and a protective sheath, myelin grows around developing nerves throughout their bodies.  Children need iron in their diets which can be found in foods such as tuna and whole wheat bread so their bodies can manufacture myelin. 


Having a healthy lifestyle, eating well and being physically active helps children build strong bones, grow healthy, improve their concentration at school, maintain a healthy weight and be alert and active. 



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