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Sunshine Academy Teachers

Sunshine teachers lay the foundation for a child's educational career.  They may use building blocks and counting games to teach math concepts, organize group activities to foster social skills, encourage creativity through arts and crafts projects, and develop language skills through storytelling and reading aloud.


Sunshine Academy's teachers establish and enforce rules with love and nurture every child's self esteem, leads physical exercise activities, helps disabled students with assistive devices, maintains records of student performance and meets with parents to discuss student progress.



Sunshine Academy's teachers must be creative, organized and enjoy working with kids.  They must be able to maintain order in the classroom, lead and demonstrate group activities, read aloud to large groups, use audio-visual equipment and computers, operate assistive learning devices for disabled students and communicate with other teachers and parents.  Additionally, they must also be able to evaluate a student's performance and identify potential learning disabilities. 


Education and Training

All our staff is certified in CPR classes, emergency evacuation and meet all Texas Standards.  Additionaly, they have 26 - 32 training hours every year for continuous education.  Some of the courses in early childhood education programs include:


  • Child development
  • Technology in education
  • Educational psychology
  • Curriculum planning
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching methods


Meet the Teacher Night

This is an opportunity to get to know your kids, his/her teacher and for you to learn about the academic, behavioral, and social well-being of your child and to clarify any related questions or concerns about his/her grades.


If you need more information, have questions or any doubts about your children, we are always open for parent - teacher conference all year.  Call our office to schedule your next conference or send us e-mail. 

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