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Children are born unique, creative and capable.  The challenge for education is to support these strengths and abilities so that each child can grow and develop lifelong skills for problem solving, independence, curiosity, cooperation and a positive attitude towards learning.


Our goal is to join with families in the education of their children.  Together we create a community of learners in a supportive, nurturing environment that values our diversity and celebrates our differences.


We guide with love and understanding because one of the most important gifts we can give a child is the gift of a healthy self-esteem.  We respect each child, nurture his/her spirit, and embrace every culture so that everyone feels included.

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Building strong roots,

for a bright  future. ™


Become a school that ensures that every child attains the knowledge, skills, understanding and motivation which constitute world-class levels of performance. Every student will achieve success and graduate as a life-long learner prepared for career and life.


2715 E. Del Mar Blvd. E1

Laredo TX 78041

T. 956.701.3041

Parents Resources

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San Isidro

9902 Crystal Ct. 103 - 105

Laredo TX 78045

T. 956.441.0298


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